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This section  assembles reviews written primarily by the members of the Jembe-list and is intended to be a guide to the different resource materials available to hand drummers. While it concentrates on the djembe/dunun tradition of the Mande region of West Africa, it also includes reviews of materials dealing with other drum traditions in Africa and in the rest of the world. We have also included a general section on African music and culture in order to introduce drummers to the wealth and diversity of the music and cultures of this continent. The Favorites Lists section is intended to provide overviews of particular areas. Finally, the Drum Camps and Institutes section will provide information on intensive instructional workshops.

This collection of reviews is a work in progress and there are still many gaps. However, our goal is to include all relevant material, so if you notice any omissions, please consider writing a review. For more information and for any comments or suggestions, please write Tom Daddesio (

Brazilian drumming
Caribbean drumming
Djembe/dunun drumming
Drum camps, institutes and trips
Favorites lists
General African music and culture
Jaliaya (griot music)
Baba Olatunji and friends
Sabar drumming and Mandinka tantango
World drumming

The following abbreviations are used to identify the format and nature of each item reviewed:
CB Cultural Book
CV Cultural Videocassette
IA Instructional Audiocassette
IB Instructional Book
IB/CD Instructional Book/CD
ICD Instructional CD
ICDR Instructional CD-Rom
II Instructional Institute or Camp
IV Instructional Videocassette
PA Performance Audiocassette
PCD Performance CD
PCDR Performance CD-Rom
PV Performance Video

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