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Neighbors of the Mande


Akan Cultural Symbols Project
The Akan of Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire are included in this great website. "This project is designed as an educational resource to show the relationships between Akan visual arts and Akan verbal genres. It is also to show some aspects of the rich cultural heritage of the Akan of Ghana." A wealth of information on Akan architecture, their cosmology, economics, knowledge, political belief. Learn about the famous Kente cloth and Akan wood carving and metal casting.

Akan Social Organization
Kinship and social organization of the Akan are explained in detail. From settlement patterns and matrilineal organization, to marriage and residence rules and social stratification and political organization. The chapter mentioned is part of an interactive tutorial "Kinship and Social Organization",  developed by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba.

  A Dogon village
This is a uniquely designed gallery of 145 superb color photographs that document life in a Dogon village.

The Dogon
Part of the Sahel Technologies site, this site contains short descriptions of Dogon history, art and architecture as well as a gallery of their art.

La Côte-d'Ivoire à travers ses racines. Groupes culturels et ethniques.
Yes, the whole site is in French, but it's worth going through. The Mande are described as ethnic group and compared to their neighbors: the Akan, the Krou and the Volta from an ethno-linguistic point of view.