Djembe & Mande Music Page/Review Section


Aloha!  The challenge of having a huge music collection is that the
favorites keep changing as the collection grows. Here's my updated
(11/21/98) list of "most useful listening materials". These recordings
reflect a) hot performances, b) great dunun arrangements, 
c) excellent recording quality and d) usefulness to the student wishing to study Mande music.
TITLE Rhythmen und Lieder Aus Guinea
ARTIST Famoudou Konate
NUMBER ISBN 3-930915-68-5
COMPANY Institute fur Didaktik populaerer Musik
Hauptstr. 34 D-021436 Oldershausen Germany
YEAR 1997

TITLE Rhythmen der Malinke
ARTIST Famoudou Konate
COMPANY Museum fur Volkerkunde Berlin
Stauffenbergstrasse 42, D-10785 Berlin
Fax 49-30-266-29-85
YEAR 1991

TITLE Guinee-Percussions and Chants
ARTIST Famoudou Konate
NUMBER 927272
COMPANY Buda Musique 188 bd Voltaire; Paris 75011;
YEAR 1998

TITLE Guinea-Malinke Rhythms and Songs
ARTIST Famoudou Konate Maitre-Djembe & 
l'Ensemble Hamana Dan Ba
NUMBER 92727-2
COMPANY Buda Records / Musique Du Monde 
Available through
YEAR 1998

TITLE Wassolon
ARTIST Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan
NUMBER fmd 159
COMPANY Fonti Musicali / Qualiton Imports, NY
YEAR 1989

TITLE Nankama
ARTIST Mamady Keita
NUMBER fmd 195
COMPANY Fonti Musicali / Qualiton Imports, NY

TITLE Mogobalu
ARTIST Mamady Keita
NUMBER fmd 205
COMPANY Fonti Musicali / Qualiton Imports, NY 
(Double CD)
YEAR 1995

TITLE Hamanah
ARTIST Mamady Keita with Famoudou Konate
NUMBER fmd 211
COMPANY Fonti Musicali / Qualiton Imports, NY
YEAR 1996

ARTIST Mamady Keita & Sewa Kan
NUMBER fmd 215
COMPANY Fonti Musicali
YEAR 1998

TITLE Djembe Practice Tapes
SUBTITLE (CASSETTE) Soli, Kassa, Kuku, Soko
AUTHOR Michael MarkusMamady Keita & Sewa Kan
NUMBER fmd 215
COMPANY Michael J Markus Productions, 228 East 26th St, #IC;  New York, NY 10010   (212) 889-9486
YEAR 1996

TITLE Dunun (Jun-Jun) Rhythms 1 (CASSETTE) (djembe)
AUTHOR Mabiba Baenge
PUBLISHER Matanga (408) 459-0785
YEAR 1996

TITLE Journey into Rhythm (djembe) 2 volumes
AUTHOR Karamba Diabate
PUBLISHER Third Ear Productions 
1 888 535-1425
YEAR 1996

TITLE Hands On Drumming (Vol 1-4)
AUTHOR Paulo Mattioli
PUBLISHER African Percussion 
115 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Suite 169
Topanga Canyon, CA 90290 (818) 591-3111
YEAR 1996

TITLE African Percussion (Instructional book with notation and examples  CD)
AUTHOR Serge Blanc
DISTIBUTOR Michael Wall (808)737-3786

TITLE Westafrikanische Djemberhythmen
ARTIST Percussion Collective
NUMBER 666666+1
COMPANY Stephan Rigert, Steinerstrasse 20;
3006 Bern, Switzerland
YEAR 1996

...and the long out of print soundtrack from Mamady Keita's film
"Djembefola" is phenomenal.  The recording quality is poor, but this may be one of the hottest performances on record!  I sincerely hope that SOMEDAY it is re-released.

michael wall