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Internet Resources for the Further Study  of 
African Music and Culture

The following information was compiled by Johannes Schya as a carefully selected list of some internet resources, that might be useful for your studies of Djembe and Mande music.

For a better overview, our intention is to keep this list relatively short by presenting only carefully researched high quality links. That doesn't entail  a loss of information,  as  a single link like, such as "SOSIG" or the "A-Z of African Studies", can be an extensive catalogue of first rate pages. All the sites mentioned and, of course, our pages, are subject to frequent changes. Therefore it's not a bad idea to visit them from time to time.

This volume is maintained by Johannes Schya who would be pleased to receive notice of correction or comments in format, typos, broken links etc. The text of all the URLs has been included, so that the guide can be used as a printed reference if necessary.


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