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The companion performance CD for Karamba Diabate's JOURNEY INTO RHYTHM instructional videos has just been released. Hot stuff! Includes tracks not in the performance sections of the videos. Here's the liner notes:

Karamba Diabate's JOURNEY INTO RHYTHM is a masterwork of authentic West African percussion. Karamba is a Griot - keeper and transmitter of historical and oral traditions. His extensive performing career with Fatala, Famoro Kuyate, and the Ballet Bagata are deeply rooted in the Diabate family lineage. Karamba's fiery playing on the Djembe, Dundun, Balaphon and Krin ignites these modern arrangements of traditional Guinean rhythms. Karamba is joined by the ensemble Dankota in this sparkling, clear recording of live performances in Ojai, California.

KASSA In the villages of the Malinke, Kassa is played in celebration of the harvest and to honor the hunters as they set out and return from the hunt.

FULAFARE is a dance of the Fulani, a semi nomadic people inhabiting most countries in West Africa. Fulafare is played for celebrations, marriages and initiations.

DJOLE A rhythm originating from the country of Sierra Leon, adopted by the coastal people of Guinea. It has become a very popular rhythm of celebration, often played rejoicing under the full moon.

CHAAPRI  A fetish dance.

SOKO from the Faranah region of central Guinea, is a Malinke rhythm. In its traditional context Soko is played for young men in the several months preceeding initiation into adult life.

KOMODON A rhythm of the Malinke people, played by the secret society of Komo.

MENDIANI A traditional rhythm of the Malinke people played to test the dancing skill of pre-initiated young girls.

SUNU A popular celebration rhythm of the Soninke people from the Kayes region of Mali.

YANKADI & MACURU A celebration and courting dance played at the social gatherings of the Sousou costal people of Guinea.

SEOUROUBA A wedding ceremony and celebration rhythm.

KUKU A celebration rhythm from the region of Beyla, the forest region of Guinea. On this track Karamba plays the Krin, a hollowed out tree trunk, used to convey coded messages.

KONKOBA is played by the Malinke and Soussou people to encourage the workers in the fields, and in celebration of the outstanding farmer.

You can order this CD from THIRD EAR PRODUCTIONS, 2279 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046. 1-888-535-1425. Aaron Gross is the producer and can be reached at the number above, his fax is (213) 650-6765. E-mail address

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