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Online Journals


  Africulture - Le Mensuel des cultures africaines

Afrika News on the World Wide Web
Afrika News is a source of up-to-date information on Africa. The site  is your one-stop source for the latest news from more than 40 African news organizations. Indexed by regions and countries, not to mention thematic categories e.g. arts, business, education etc. it's easy to use and very informative. Additional resources, background documents and a searchable archive make this site an invaluable resource about modern Africa.

African Studies Quarterly
African Studies Quarterly is an interdisciplinary, fully-refereed, indexed publication; articles may be received as well via email.

Djembe Online
A Scandinavian online magazine on world music, some English articles in between a lot of material in Danish.

Ethnomusicology OnLine
A peer-reviewed multimedia Web journal.

Internet Journal of African Studies

Mots Pluriels
"MOTS PLURIELS is a refereed electronic and international journal open to literary minded scholars wishing to share their point of view on important contemporary world issues." It's an interesting project and I'd recommend the following papers:
  Who will teach about Africa?:
         a personal view by Judith Van Allen 
Beyond ownership
         on the permission to perform the Sunjata epic by Jan Jansen 
Re-invoking the Griotte tradition as a feminist textual strategy
      by Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe 

Music & Anthropology: Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean and Beyond
"Music & Anthropology (M&A) is an online multimedia interactive journal, founded by the Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" of the International Council for Traditional Music. M&A is hosted by the Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo (Università di Bologna), and supported by the Fondazione Olga e Ugo Levi, Venezia." Of particular interest is an article by Bruno Nettl 
"Relating the present to the past: thoughts on the study of musical change and culture change in ethnomusicology"
Although the article doesn't refer specifically to African music, it is very interesting and provides plenty of food for thought. Nettl's discussion can be easily applied to the tension between traditional and modern trends of African music.

A magazine of world music, roots music, music from around the planet.

Transcultural Music Review
TRANS explores all kinds of music from transcultural and interdisciplinary perspectives.