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This page is devoted primarily to the drumming, culture and other musical traditions of the Mande peoples of West Africa. It will also include material relating to the culture and music of other parts of Africa as well as information concerning drum traditions in other parts of the world. It is a collaborative project undertaken by Tom Daddesio, Chris Johansen, Doug Kane, Adam Rugo, Johannes Schya, George Sherouse and Michael Wall.


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Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent 
CD liner notes and ordering information: Bamakò Fòli: Jenbe Music From Bamako (Mali) by Jakite, Dunbia, Kuyate, and Samake:
The Cora Connection
Djembe: Traditional Mande Rhythm" by Mamady Keita et  al.
Dunun Practice Patterns
Francophone Music: The Griots Of West Africa
"Guide to the jembe" by Eric Charry
Handing: A Dundun Player�s Perspective
Internet Resources for the Further Study of African Music and Culture
Mande Balafon Tuning
Manding Bibliography compiled by Rainer Polak
Kane Mathis' kora webpage
Papa Susso's homepage


Books and Magazines on Various Drum Topics
Brazilian Instructionals
Conga and Other - Instructional Books
Conga and Other - Instructional Cassettes and CDs 
Conga and Other - Instructional Videotapes
Doumbek Instructionals
Hand Drumming Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
Instructional Books, Tapes, CDs, and Videos on Mande Style Drumming
Mande Rhythm Cross Reference
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Jaliaya (griot music)
Baba Olatunji and friends
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