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Ancient Civilizations: Virtual Museum
Presented by The William Penn Charter School Sixth Grade, this virtual museum covers ancient civilizations from China, Canaan, India, Mesopotamia, Maya and Africa. The African section covers Ghana, Mali and Songhay in the form of beautiful pictures and short
textual descriptions of the following aspects: culture, daily life, geography, government, industry, social levels.

Clio en Afrique: L'histoire africaine en langue française
An online journal on African history in French.

Sudanic Africa, A Journal of Historical Sources
"Sudanic Africa is an international academic journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of historical sources on the Sudanic belt, the area between the Sahara and the Bay of Niger, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. The journal typically presents such sources in the original language and in translation, with comments. Presented on the Web are the sections Notes and communications and Recent books from each issue, as well as the table of contents for each volume."