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Les Ballets Africains "Evolution"
Serge Blanc: "African Percussion: The Djembe" (IB/CD)
Karamba Diabate: "Journey into Rhythm" (IV)
Karamba Diabate: "Journey into Rhythm" (PCD)
Ensemble National Des Percussions De Guinée, Les Ballets Africaines, Wassa and Wofa "Percussion d'Afrique" (PCD)
Farafina: "Bolomakote" and "Faso Denou" (PCD)
Mamady Keita: "Afö" (PCD)
Mamady Keita: "Balandugu Kan" (PCD)
Mamady Keita: "Mogobalu" (PCD)
Mamady Keita: "Wassalon" (PCD)
Famoudou Konate: "Rhythmen der Malinke" (PCD)
Famoudou Konaté/Thomas Ott: "Rhythmen und Lieder aus Guinea" (IB/CD)
Michael Markus: "Djembe Practice Tapes" (IA)
Michael Markus: "Play-Along CDs" (IA)
Mennonite Central Committee: "Exploring New Rhythms: The Djembe Drum" (CV)
Les Merveilles D'Afrique: "Diya" (PCD)
Product Report: Yeech (IV)
Stephan Rigert "Westafrikanische Djemberhythmen (West African Djembe Rhythms)"  (IB/CD)
Mark Sunkett:  "Mandjiani Drum and Dance: A Journey to the Drum Culture of Senegal" (PV)
Various Artists: "Donkili - Call To Dance - Festival Music From Mali" (PCD)
Various Artists: "The Mali Tradition: The Art of Jembe Drumming" (PCD)
Le Zagazougou: "Zagazougou Coup" (PCD)