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Data Bases and Search Engines


Adminet Africa
A huge catalog of links organized by country; it includes many other categories e.g. francophone resources,  Black culture, Arab resources, African art, culture, cooking, etc., as your entry point for internet research about Africa.

Africa Ring and Africa International Ring
"Both Rings are dedicated to the people of the African Continent. Here you can see a wide array of African Homebrewed Homepages. There are no restrictions to the site content. However,  all page owners of The Africa Ring have to live in Africa, while those of The Africa International Ring have to be expatriates or friends of Africa. The Rings were created to support the internet community in Africa by providing a focal point for all African homepages and websites. By jointly publishing our pages together in Ring format we hope to improve the internet communications between all people in Africa , and with the rest of the world."

African Sources
A selected list of books, recordings, and videos of interest to students of African and African Diaspora music, culture and religion, compiled by Richard Hodges.

Africa south of the sahara - selected internet resources
Another well organized catalog of internet resources with three alternative ways to enter: One can enter by choosing a certain country or region. Alternatively one can choose a topic of interest, such as music, women, etc. For a more specific search, one can make use of the search engine to scan the catalog for areas of interest.

An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet
The title of this resource tells it all, there's really nothing I can add. This might be one of the best resources regarding Africa  I ever found on the internet. A small disadvantage is the absence of a search engine, so you have to search through the pages yourself, pages that cover everything from politics, culture, newspapers, arts, language, universities, etc. Try it yourself and be careful not to become addicted.

The Electronic African Bookworm: A Web Navigator
This is most likely one of the best web navigators with a narrow focus on Africa and African studies, books, newspapers, organizations. 
The section on academic and scholarly resources opens the "virtual" door to numerous African studies centers around the planet. 

The Ethnologue Database
The Ethnologue Database is taken from a print publication Ethnologue: Languages of the world. Contains information on some 6,700 languages spoken in the world, including alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic data. The printed volume also contains a map of the world, nine continent maps, and sixty-five country maps (these are not available in the on-line version). The data can be accessed by country or territory name, language or dialect name and through a language family tree.

H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences Online
"H-Net is an interdisciplinary organization of scholars dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web." Hosted at  Michigan State University, H-Net offers a variety of discussion networks e.g. "African History and Culture", "African Expressive Culture", "African-American Studies", "Current African Politics", to give a few examples. Excellent book reviews, announcements, teaching resources, gateways - the afrinet gateway is coming soon - are some examples from this excellent resource.

Internet Journal of African Studies

Online Sources for Ethnomusicological Information
Databases, area studies, archives online, journals, other www sites, newsgroups, organizations and collections, anthropology online.

Sahel Technologies
This is an African business venture dedicated to web publishing, web hosting, digital marketing, electronic commerce and network consulting. You can choose from news & weather, student & professional resources, art, technology, restaurant guides,
African music and much more. 

The Social Information Gateway
... doesn't sound very promising for the eager student of African culture, but this internet catalogue gives you access to many high quality pages on the net. To give you an idea, just click the "Browse SOSIG" button on the homepage, choose "Ethnologue" from the following page and read through the list of items given. Each website is thoroughly described - just "click" on the text string - and the button to the left "beams" you up that resource. See the link to the Ethnologue database above.

WoYaa!: African Internet Search Engine and Web Sites Directory
A good combination of a search engine and a web site directory with a broader focus including entertainment, sports and tourism.