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The following information was compiled and is maintained by Michael Wall ((808)737-3786) using both personal resources and input from members of the Jembe-list. These lists, while extensive, are not exhaustive and will be periodically updated. You are strongly encouraged to (1) submit new titles (please use the existing format and include all the details including company, category and a brief review) and (2) provide missing information for items on this list recording #, year, etc.) and submit reviews if they are missing.

If you are interested in a particular publication, and complete information is not listed, feel free to contact Michael at ((808)737-3786), who will be happy to check his personal library for the details (which will also then be added to this reference). Michael would also be pleased to receive notice of correction or comments in format, typos, etc. 
TITLE African and World Rhythms Vol 1 & 2
AUTHOR David Thiaw
PUBLISHER Dombe "All Things African" 
  421 13th st N.W. Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z3
Canada (403) 270-7871

TITLE Afro-Cuban Drumming
AUTHOR Florencio Baro, Okan
PUBLISHER Baker and Taylor Video, Available through Books

TITLE Beginning Hand Drum Techniques & Basic Rhythms
AUTHOR Jim Roberts
PUBLISHER Jim Roberts, 111 W. Trinity Ave, 
Durham NC 27701 (919) 688-1430

TITLE Bembe Conversations Vol 1 (CD)
AUTHOR Arturo Rene Rodriguez
PUBLISHER Ethnic Percussion, P.O. Box 35571,
Tuscon, AZ 85740

TITLE Conga Drum Teaching Tape
AUTHOR Jessica Marcus
PUBLISHER Tiger Paw Percussion, P.O. Box 9346,
Berkeley, CA 94709

TITLE Conga Drumming Disco, Soul, Reggae, Rock
AUTHOR Jerry R. Daraca
ISBN/PRICE 0918628067

SUBTITLE How to Play the Rhythms of Africa and Latin America
AUTHOR Geoff Johns
PUBLISHER Sounds True Recordings 735 Walnut St.
Boulder, CO 80302

TITLE Drum Solos Vol. 1, 2, 3
AUTHOR Various
PUBLISHER Latin Percussion, 160 Belmont Ave.
Garfield NJ 07026

TITLE Drumming For Fun and Togetherness
AUTHOR Chuck Cogliandro
PUBLISHER MK Drum Center 188 Walker St.,
Atlanta, GA 30313; (404) 577-6842

TITLE Language of the Drum
AUTHOR Ayo Adeyeme
PUBLISHER Yoruba House (310) 838-4448

TITLE The Language of Yankee
AUTHOR Ayo Adeyeme
PUBLISHER Yoruba House (310) 838-4448

TITLE No Thinkin' Aloud
AUTHOR Jessica Marcus
PUBLISHER Tiger Paw Percussion, P.O. Box 9346, 
Berkeley, CA 94709

TITLE Rhythm Workshop Vol 1 and 2
AUTHOR Brent Lewis
PUBLISHER Brent Lewis P.O. Box 428,
Joshua Tree, CA 92252; (619) 366-9540


TITLE Poncho Sanchez' Conga Cookbook
AUTHOR Poncho Sanchez and Chuck Silverman
PUBLISHER Cherry Lane Music
YEAR 2002

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