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 Traditional Mande Style Djembe/Dunun Performance CDs
 Non Traditional Performance CDs Featuring Djembe and/or Dunun
 Rare or Out-Of-Print Mande Recordings

The following information was compiled and is maintained by Michael Wall ((808)737-3786) using both personal resources and input from members of the Jembe-list. These lists, while extensive, are not exhaustive and will be periodically updated. You are strongly encouraged to (1) submit new titles (please use the existing format and include all the details including company, category and a brief review) and (2) provide missing information for items on this list recording #, year, etc.) and submit reviews if they are missing.

If you are interested in a particular recording, and complete information is not listed, feel free to contact Michael at ((808)737-3786) , who will be happy to check his personal library for the details (which will also then be added to this reference). Michael would also be pleased to receive notice of correction or comments in format, typos, etc.

General Notes on Finding Recordings:

CDS are everywhere these days! When you are moved to rush right out to purchase one of these recordings, please consider supporting your drumming community in the process. Much of media listed below is published either by the author or by small companies. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM DIRECTLY when at all possible. For those items only available from general sources consider trying to secure them from community members that have mail-order or retail outlets such as :

543 Stokeswood Ave
Atlanta GA 30316

Scott Davidson Music
P.O. Box 7341
Wilmington, DE 19803

White Cliffs Media
5150 Mae Anne Ave. #213-208
Reno, NV 89523
Voice 775-6774-1671
Orders: 800-359-3210
Or, visit their website at:

Failing that, try asking your local independently owned music store to order the recording for you. If all else fails the following sources should be able to order the tapes you are interested in:

Descarga Catalog
328 Flatbush Ave., Suite 180
Brooklyn, NY 11238 USA
(800) 377-2647 FAX (718) 693-1316

Africassette Music
P.O. Box 24941
Detroit, MI 48224-0941 USA
(313) 881-4108 FAX (313) 881-0260

Eric Charry's List of CD Suppliers and Sources
(Eric is an ethnomusicologist specializing in Mande music and is the director of the Summer Jembe Institute series.)

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