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The following information was compiled and is maintained by Michael Wall ((808)737-3786) using both personal resources and input from members of the Jembe-list. These lists, while extensive, are not exhaustive and will be periodically updated. You are strongly encouraged to (1) submit new titles (please use the existing format and include all the details including company, category and a brief review) and (2) provide missing information for items on this list recording #, year, etc.) and submit reviews if they are missing.

 If you are interested in a particular publication, and complete information is not listed, feel free to contact Michael at ((808)737-3786), who will be happy to check his personal library for the details (which will also then be added to this reference). Michael would also be pleased to receive notice of correction or comments in format, typos, etc.

TITLE Secrets of Brazilian Music
AUTHOR Antonio Adolfo
PUBLISHER Music Source International
P.O. Box 46758 Kansas City, MO
PAGES 59, Packaged with Video
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Brazilian Music Workshop
AUTHOR Antonio Adolfo
PUBLISHER Advance Music, Rua Alte. Pereira Guimaraes 72 cob. 02
22440 Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 55-21-239 2975
PAGES 143, Companion CD
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Samba School Drums
AUTHOR Alvaro Aguiar
PUBLISHER Sambala Samba School,, 562 437 1939

TITLE The Percussion Instruments of the Brazilian Typical Rhythms
SUBTITLE Volume 1, Berimbau
AUTHOR Luiz Almeda Da Anunciaçåo, Escola Brasileira De Musica
PUBLISHER Rua Joåo Afonso, 61 - Humaitå, Rio De Janeiro - RJ Brasil GFP 22261
  Phone 266-7869 (It's in both English and Portuguese!)
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE The Brazilian Pandeiro
AUTHOR Jorge Cortesao
PUBLISHER Bridges to Productions, 57A temple road, London NW2 6PN  UK
TITLE Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset
AUTHOR Duduka Da Fonseca & Bob Weiner
PAGES 79, with Companion CD
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Ritmos Brasileiros E Sues Instrumentos De Percussåo
AUTHOR Edgard Rocca
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Percusion Brasilenha: Instrumentos basicos y divertimentos
AUTHOR Fernando Marcon
PUBLISHER Mandala Ediciones, Escalinata, 9 28013 Madrid, Spain
PAGES Paperback (In Spanish)

TITLE Brazilian Percussion
AUTHOR Airto Moreira
PUBLISHER DCI Music Video / Warner Brothers 15800 N.W. 48th Ave; Miami, FL 33014

TITLE Rhythms and Colors Listen and play
AUTHOR Airto Moreira
PUBLISHER Manhattan Music / Warner Brothers
15800 W. 48th Ave, Miami, FL 33014
PAGES 48, With Companion CD
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Samba Session
SUBTITLE Baiao, Afoxe, Bossa Nova, Forro, Etc.
AUTHOR Nicolai Glahder, Andreas Ramboll
PUBLISHER Den Rytmiske Aftenskoles Forlag, Copenhagen
FORMAT Paperback, Companion cassette available

TITLE Ritmos Brasileiros E Sues Instrumentos De Percussåo
AUTHOR Edgard Rocca
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Brazilian Percussion Manual
SUBTITLE Rhythms and Techniques with Application for the Drumset
AUTHOR Daniel Sabanovich
PUBLISHER Alfred Publishing Inc. 16380 Roscoe Blvd., 
P.O. Box 10003; Van Nuys, CA 91410
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE Batucadas de Samba
SUBTITLE In SIX Languages! (With a little floppy vinyl record)
AUTHOR Marcelo Salazar
PUBLISHER Luminar Editoria,
  Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 
195 sala 610
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil 021-541-9149
FORMAT Paperback

TITLE The Essence of Brazilian Percussion
PUBLISHER CPP Belwin Inc, 15800 N.W. 48th Ave., 
Miami, FL 33014
PAGES 144, with Companion CD
FORMAT Paperback

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