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Art and Literature


African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning

Afric Art ( French and English )

Afrique virtuelle (French and English)
"The Arts and Sciences journal «Leonardo» (published by MIT Press) has been organizing (for several months) a large exhibition called «Virtual Africa»" The exhibition consists of two parts:
- A scientific section that includes various studies ( ethnological,
anthropological, etc..) dedicated to the functions and significance of
African masks and to other cultural issues. 
- An art section which presents, on the one hand,  the work of contemporary African artists, and, on the other hand, the works of Western artists inspired by African arts.
Some of the pages are displayed in English, but the majority are in French only.
Afrique Virtuelle also includes an interesting selection of links:
Liens sites en Afrique

Arts International | Inroads Africa

The Arts In Contemporary Contexts, An  Overview
    by J. H. Kwabena Nketia

Response To J.H. Kwambena Nketia's Paper: 
“The Arts In Contemporary Contexts”
   by Robert Farris Thompson

Francophone African Poets in English Translation
Highly recommended for anyone seriously interested in African culture. In addition to translations of the work of Leopold Sédhar Senghor (Senegal), Ahmed Sékou Touré (Guinea), Francis Bebey (Cameroon) to name but a few, there are good links regarding African literature.

Secrecy, African Art That Conceals and Reveals
From: Secrecy, African Art That Conceals and Reveals, Mary H. Nooter, "The Visual Language of Secrecy," 1993, Museum for African Art, N.Y.