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Here's (some of) my favorite Afro-Cuban folkloric picks. 

Yoruba Andabo  "El Callejon De Los Rumberos"  (DM 203CD   Discmedi Blau)
Tremendous playing, tumbadores and bata, great coro, FINE recording 

"Tumi Cuba Classics - Vol 3: Rumba"  (TUMICD052  Tumi)
The best rumba collection I've heard so far 

"Real Rumba from Cuba"  (COCD110 Corason)
The second best... 

"Oriente De Cuba: The Rumba" Folkoyuma (NI 5425 Nimbus)
Rumba from a different part of Cuba - very different sound! 

"Percussions Cubaines"  Iluyenkori   (PS 65084 Playasound)
One of many fine recordings of bata and the chants.  I really like the vocal arrangements on this one. 

"Afro Roots"   Mongo Santamaria  (PCD 240182 Prestige)
Kind of a sampler of many different Afro-Cuban forms all on one recording. 

"Vivito y Coleando"   Conjunto Cespedes  (4033  Xeno)
Jesus Diaz... If you don't know him, now you can find out. 

"Afro-Cuba: A Musical Anthology"  (1088  Rounder)
Another great overview of many different Cuban forms 

... then select the last two of the "top ten" by choosing any 2 recordings by:
Los Papines and Los Munequitos 

michael wall